Friday, July 17, 2009

Falak-Numa: Of Kebabs and Biryani

Rating: 4/5
Price points: Rs 1500 for two (including drinks)
Date of visit: June 2, 2009

The hunt for some good food in Lucknow was on! I would have personally liked to try some street-side eating joint; but for the moment it was out of question. So we headed to falak-numa, at the Clarks. Located on the top floor of the hotel, it has top-to-bottom glass on two sides instead of walls. And for a very good reason. The view of the city from this site is amazing.

You look down at Lucknow, looking like the beautiful and aristocratic city which history says it once was. Well, it still is beautiful. At least from here.

I feel like a tourist even though I am in the city for work. All set near a table next to the glass wall we order food. It is same as the previous night (at Oudhyana, Taj). Kebab platters, dals and rotis. As we scoop up pickles and chutneys with papads (poppadoms) the conversation tilts towards history and politics. Past and present. Future-uncertain and speculative as always.

All speculations are cut short as the food arrives. We decide to dig in. The kebabs-both vegetarian and meat (my colleagues tell me) are good. The spices are just right. I start with my roti soon. Aloo and mixed vegetable alternates between bites. The flavors are rich. Not too spicy. The dal tadka is well cooked and topped with ghee. We halt all conversation and decide to concentrate on our meal.

It is good and there are happy faces all round the table as we polish the last bits!

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