Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Washington DC: First Impressions

Work has brought me to Washington DC for about 10 days. Though for most part my stay will be spent in office, I am determined to explore some parts of the city during the one weekend I have here.

My flight lands at the Dulles Airport at 3.00 in the afternoon on schedule. Clearing customs is quick and I am soon on my way to Washington Suites, my home for the week. I am lucky to arrive in good weather, the city having seen massive snowfall and extreme cold just the week before. As of now, it is crispy cool with the sun shining bright in a clear blue sky. The drive downtown is pleasant with lots of greenery around. I can spot the Washington Monument and Capitol from a distance. DC promises to be a pleasant stay; a picturesque city sans crowds and skyscrapers.

A 40 minute drive brings me to Washington Suites, located in the heart of the city. The friendly manager welcomes me with freshly baked cookies and I settle in. The suite is more like a one bedroom apartment, with a separate bedroom, living area and kitchen. All facilities are well equipped. I am glad, as being a vegetarian can limit eating options. Also, since there is no room service I know I will be cooking food occasionally.

Done unpacking, I do not want to sleep until late to prevent the jetlag. I decide to head out for a walk and pick some groceries from Trader’s Joe across the street. My jacket and ear muffs are comfortable for the evening cold and I stroll down the streets, admiring the old fashioned brick houses. Trader’s Joe is a delight as it stocks everything you might possible want in your kitchen- milk products, veggies, snacks, herbs, wines, meals-in-a-box…imagine my surprise when I find prepackaged Indian meals like chole and daal.

Not in favor of pre-packed, I pick up some veggies, bread, pasta and the like. For my dinner menu is some soup, salad and toast. I head back and get cracking. Done with dinner, my eyes are drooping. I hit the pillow knowing well that in about 10 hours time I need to be at work!

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  1. Hey!! I read this post yesterday but there were no photos uploaded!! Maybe it was my connection.. Hmmm..

    Anyway I meant to write something yesterday but Ryan, my son, kept hogging the keyboard. Heh heh.

    It must be difficult for you to find food if you visit a place for the first time. I have a similar problem when I travel. I have to find something halal.

    Hope to hear more from your visits..