Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hua Hin- around the town

Hua-Hin is actually the Thai King’s summer resident. And, so, the well off families also began spending their summer here. It is now filled with luxury resorts and hotels; at a fraction of what you would pay at Maldives or Kho Samui. Still, we decided to look around and it was easy to cover the entire town in a day or two.

We first headed to the beach. It is packed with locals and tourists; with the locals usually eating and the tourists reading or drinking. You can sit on the chairs if you order something. We asked for a couple of cokes but after about an hour decided to move on. There were no water sports but we did collect shells, ate corn-on-cob and picked hats and fake Armani sunglasses!

Time for lunch and we headed to a Pizzeria at a mall. A sight I kept noticing was Thai girls and women with tourists in Hua-Hin. It is common in Thailand, but specially so in Hua Hin. It is very common to find such couples specially at eating joints and shopping centers.

Some landmarks in Hua Hun are the railway station (supposed to be the country’s prettiest), the clock tower, the King’s Palace and the elephant park. The rail station was small but brightly painted. The area around it was decorated with paper streamers and buntings. The clock tower also serves as a bus stop! The King’s palace we had to miss as he was in residence.

I tried to shop (I try to shop everywhere ) but could not find much. The market is about a street or two. What you must do is check out the Thai boxing though! They put on music and its fun to see jabs. The one which we saw was a friendly match sponsored by a company so thankfully no broken teeth or nose!

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