Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leh Diary@ Day 1

September 4, Friday: We settle in

Five of us (myself, my husband Sanjay; our friends, RahulDeepti and Rajat) had booked our tickets to Leh over two months ago. We meet at the airport, all of us super excited for this trip-of-a-lifetime spanning 8 days.

Our Air India flight to Leh leaves Delhi at 5.45 am sharp. In less than an hour I was looking at snow covered mountains from the window of the craft. I now know why Shiva and Zeus live in remote mountains. The place, is most certainly a fitting abode.

As we land, the captain announces that the temperature outside is 8*C, but I am so thrilled to be here that the cold does not bother me. For now. By the time we board our taxi, I have my shawl tightly wrapped around me. We head to the Oriental Guest House-a family run place in Changspa. It is a large building in white with its own kitchen garden. Our room on the 3rd floor has postcard perfect views. We head down for breakfast and bask in the sun until lunch. Lunch here is made of fresh vegetables from their kitchen garden.

We know it is important to rest on the first day to acclimatize. Being sensible :) and wanting smooth days ahead we are not taking any chances. The rest of the day is spent lazing, playing card games and telling each other ghost stories in late evening.
We wrap up early, filled with plans for the days ahead!

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  1. Hey Vasudha..excellent post; makes me feel a part of your Leh trip. Sounds like u had a great time. Will refer to this post when we go to Leh...