Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lunch@ Dakshin, ITC Hyderabad

Rating: 3.5/5
Price points: Rs 1000 for one (vegetarian and non-alcoholic option)
Date of visit: June 4, 2009

Polished wooden pillars, canvas paintings of the Kakatiya kings and copper bells instead of chandeliers was the theme at the Dakshin. A carpeted dais told me that classical music rents the air on select evenings.

I ordered a vegetarian thali and the first course was a sampler with appam and four kinds of chutneys; tamarind-groundnut, tomata-ginger, mint and pickled mangoes (my favorite). Next was the rasam. Clear, warm and almost watery in consistency, it was perfect to whet my appetite for the large thali to come.

The thali was an elaborate affair with two kinds of dals, sambar, okra, potatoes and tomato-gourd. In tow was thick curd set in a “kulhar” and kheer. I tasted and then tucked into each one wrapping up with some rice which soon had me feeling drowsy. But I realized I had forgotten the kheer. One spoonful, just to taste is what I promised myself. But it was cooked to perfection and I easily finished about half the helping. Someone got me a silver finger bowl with amber color liquid with a slice of lemon. I brought my hands to my nose- it now smelled of tea and lemon. Nice!

Judging this from the neighboring table’s comments between much finger-licking, I suspect it is the sea food which holds court at Dakshin. Did I mention they make a mean gunpowder here? Almost asked one for home!

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